For a Swedish class project: What is the most embarrassing or consistently foolish Norse god?

There are TONS of little stories about them. The different giants, though not gods, are pretty stupid from time to time.

The thing with the norse mythology is that the gods are very much imperfect beings. They possess human-like faults. This makes it hard to pin point a single foolish god. It's basically like a sit com from the 1000's.

Also, they change personalities from story to story.

But I know of one where Tor gets pretty much owned. (I know you didn't want Tor, but he isn't always awesome and on top.)

Here is a rough and rushed version of that story. It might contain factual errors, feel free to correct me, experts on norse mythology.

Tor was roaming the lands, as he did from time to time, and when the evening came, he sought shelter at a small farm. The farmer and his wife had two children. A boy and a daughter.

With him, Tor had his pet goat. He ordered the goat to be slaughtered for food, as thanks for their hospitality. His only condition was that the goats bones would be thrown into a bag he brought.

The family and Tor feasted on the goat that evening and the bones were thrown into the bag. But that night, the boy and daughter wanted some of the delicious marrow inside the bones. "The stranger probably wants it all for himself." The boy said. So they sneaked a large bone out of the bag and opened it and ate some of the marrow and put the bone back.

That morning the farmers family were shocked to find the goat back and alive. Tor didn't seem surprised ar all. Though when he noticed that the goat had a limp on one of it's legs, he became furious. "I have been generous and have shared with you my food, and this is how you repay me?"

The farmers apologized profoundly and tried to calm him. The boy and daughter, feeling shame, admitted to their deed.

Tor calmed down and said he'd forgive them on one condition. That the boy and the daughter were to accompany him and serve under him from that day on. And so it was.

Tor and his companions had wandered all night, and came upon a cave. He decided that it would serve well as a place to rest for the night. Before they had fallen asleep, a giant came upon them. "Who are you, you who have made camp in my glove?"

Tor, who knew that if he revealed his real identity would surlely get into a fight, lied and said "we are but mere travelers who are seeking shelter for the night."

The giant allowed them to rest in his glove, and decided to sleep next to it. That night, Tor was awoken by snoring as loud as thunder. Angry at being awoken, he took his hammer Mjölner and decided to kill the giant in his sleep. He swung the hammer and struck a mighty blow at the giants head. He heard the skull crack under the hammer and went back to sleep. Until he was awoken once again by the same loud snoring. Furious he went back to where the giant sleept and struck him with Mjölner. This time, even harder. He could feel blood coming out of the crack he had just made. Then he went back to sleep once again, only to be awoken a third time by the snoring. Now mad out of his mind, he struck the giant with all of his might. "Nothing could have survived that." He thought as he finally went back to sleep.

The next morning, he was greeted by the giant, who had prepared a kettle of porridge for the company.

"Never had I sleept so well." Said the giant with a grin. Looking at Tor, who was both confused and angry.

"Even though you tried to kill me three times, Tor, enemy of giants. I recognized you as soon as I saw you."

End of Part 1, if you want more, I'm not sure, haha!

Will continue when I'm on my computer.

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