When did you realize your best friend was no longer your best friend?

My best best friend and I were super close for maybe 5 or 6 years. In high school we started to grow apart and kind of gravitated toward different cliques. She was always the outgoing one and I've always been an introvert. I think it really bothered her that I didn't "need" her and was happy with my new group of friends, some of whom I'm still friends with today.

I think the distance helped me see what a horribly jealous and toxic person she can be. It's silly because she's a smart gorgeous funny woman who has everything in the world going for her, but she can be incredibly passive aggressive. Years later I made a comment about it to my mom and she said she'd always noticed that my best friend seemed jealous of me. I guess I was completely oblivious for a really long time.

Her 17th (?) birthday was the last straw for me. I wasn't crazy about some of her friends, but she invited me so I dutifully went...and once again, she started in with the thinly veiled insults. But this time she did it in front of everyone. I pretended not to notice but after that I stopped making an effort to be part of her life.

A few years later she tried to be friends again. I guess she missed me and I missed her too. She visited me at college and we went out for drinks...and she started making snarky little comments yet again. Nothing had changed.

She's reached out a few more times over the years, but I haven't been very receptive. The last time I ran into her at the grocery store she was all smiles...and then started "jokingly" insulting my career choice and implying that hers is far more noble. To this day I don't even know if she's aware of how she acts...but I know I don't need friends like that in my life.

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