Foreplay like this should be illegal.

I never claimed his broadcast would do anything. I was just mentioning it was possible, that's all. I have no idea what this tweets about. I am just on the hype train by default.

You are the only one speculating what will be done in our conversation, I have only mentioned what could be possible. I have never tried to imply what will be, like you have.

"Nobody is dumb enough to think he'd have anything to do with Fallout 4, right?"

  • Right there, not only are you SURE he wont be in the next fallout, you assume those that do, or wish he is are dumb.

"I mean, his radio station was in DC. That's not close enough to Boston (if we're still assuming F4 will be in Boston) to have a signal reach."

  • I already disproved this statement.

"So F4 will have a different radio personality all together. Just like New Vegas."

  • SO sure of this are you. I personally think it's pretty dumb to assume anything about the next Fallout at this point.

"Is there a possibility that he may have the technology to reach twice as far as most broadcasts? Sure. But it won't be happening. You'll see."

  • You are again trying to prove me wrong even though I make it clear I am only speculating, you are the one rambling off certainties here.

"you yourself are also claiming that for some reason his radio broadcasts would somehow reach twice the distance of any other broadcast..which, in my opinion, is way more outlandishly speculative than simply phasing him out of Fallout 4 entirely."

  • Not really, I wasn't being outlandishly speculative at all. I never claimed this would be the case at all. I was just mentioning it was scientifically possible. Which you claimed it wasn't.

"A side mission with him would be great for sure and it could make sense, but also don't forget you'll also be a totally different person just like every other Fallout."

  • Not sure why you mention this at all. Why does being a new character have anything to do with what Three-Dog does? Does your character in FO3 have exclusive rights to being Three-Dogs contact with the rest of the world? Three-Dog cannot know, or interact with others in the wastes of DC (or Boston for that matter)???

I just don't get your reasoning at all except for the fact you make it clear, you hope he's not the next DJ in 4. Got it. You could have just said "I hope he's not the DJ in the next Fallout." and you're point would have been understood.

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