Form for technicians daily activity

I managed a world wide team of Consulting Engineers for 20 yrs at a top 25 tech company and all I can say is

*Wow ! Your Team/Company is:. wasting a lot of time!

  • Probably harming employee morale and retention.
  • Increasing chances of increased GIGO (garbage in garbage out*

Micro Management is no Solution.
Hold a weekly team mtg & let each member speak about progress on their projects & roadblocks so others can chime in on ideas/help

Any new tasks can be assigned. Mgmt & employees become more cohesive with common understanding of goals & expectations.

Most importantly, make & post/email Meeting Notes


Start each mtg by reviewing previous week's Notes & Action Items and progress on those Action Items so shit doesn't get lost in the shuffle of daily work

Benefits to a mgr - easy to provide up to date summaries to upper mgmt

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