French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

But at least you are citing sources. Most people wont bother to look them up but those will want to, will know how to do it because you sourced them. Or do you prefer the unsourced and unverified reporting ?

But since you pointed out. Did you bother to read the source why Politifact gave it mostly false ? Because if you take time to check they actually state that Trump is correct and in detail explain why they rated it 'mostly false'. If they just rated it 'mostly false' I would agree with you but considering what Trump actually said he was wrong. And they go in detail why 'mostly false' rating.

This was along his statements that US unemployment rate could be up to 42% and his statement that GDP was bellow 0 or if you take it the way FOX tried to spin it that it was GDP grows it's also wrong as it was 0.6%.

Any how. Yes citing sources does not mean you are not biased or that you are telling the whole source. But if you do credit your source it is much harder to lie as people who bother to check up on it will quickly catch you on a line and you will have discredited your reputation.

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