HBO's The Last of Us Tells an Epic, Brilliant, Character-Driven Story

I get the impression Season 1 ends mid way through the first game, and not at the end of the game. I haven't really read anything about the Firefy people having motivations with a twist or something. I'm not really sure where makes sense to end it though. I guess in the winter when Joel is wounded? Or maybe a bit earlier so that happens right at the start of Season 2?

Regardless, I like the idea that going forward, whether in Season 2 or a Season 3 or whatever, they'll have the opportunity to have a slow paced dull part of the shows arc if they want, in that they can take their 'normal' life between Part 1 and Part 2 in their town and flesh it out. Which I imagine would be kind of monotonous like the walking dead. But always with the intention that at some point, the story of the second game kicks in and they'll be able to shock audiences or pull them in once they start getting comfortable thinking the show was devolving into a less high stakes show and something more familiar. I don't really think they would do much of that, but I like the idea of the slow down back into a relatively faster pace and crazier pace. Like how Part 2 starts I guess.

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