The Last of Us - 1x08 "When We Are in Need" - Episode Discussion

Good episode. I'm just kind of bummed this show has no intention on slowing down and let us appreciate these two characters growing closer through something other than one crazy, life threatening moment after another.

Idk, I played the game but I'm against the notion that it needs to be adapted 1 to 1 to be successful. I agree that the game has always been perfect to recreate for TV, but I wish we could have that with a more drawn out dramatization that lets us enjoy additional character scenes that enhance the context of what a lot of us already know.

This episode, while good, was kind of another example of that recreation not really giving me anything extra to enjoy.

I'm sure first time watchers of this story are eating this show up, and that's great. Just kinda my own bias on the matter, I guess.

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