friend who ghosts for almost a month

if tired ka na tell your friend, tell them to open up sa inyo, baka di nya narerealise na may ganung effect pala sa inyo and that can solve this problem or something can be done sa ganitong situation.

personally can relate din sa friend mo, I hate being a burden din kasi, and most of the time naiisip ko na busy naman lahat at may kanya kanyang problema, hindi na kailangan idamay pa ang mga kaibigan, I'll try my best to solve it on my own or deal with it, most of the time din kasi di rin naman na gegets nung tao yun situation unless same sa pinagdadaanan...

need talaga ng extra understanding and patience, if you want that person in your life, pero you can always cut off rin naman for your peace. lahat naman tayo may limit and we can only do so much din for each other.

communicate, and understand and come up with compromise, ganun. goodluck po

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