Frustration Friday Thread - Week of January 25, 2019

Chase personal secure message staff are idiots and won't fix their mistake!!!! Granted, I did not help by making so many changes, but gosh damn I'm miffed Chase just wont' acknowledge their mistake.

Summary of Account: * Opened CF in 2010.
* Changed to CSP on 11/2018.
* Then switch to CF 12/2018.
* Decide on 1/2019 I want the CFU as I don't really bonus chase the 5% categories. CSR says she is "trying to do it via an advanced product change"....and I end up with the CSP somehow again due to her mistake in trying to get me from CF to CFU. I would have preferred the CF's categories in comparison to the CSP...but they will not let me switch to it (at least for now)

I've called in 3 times and they won't change it back to the CF (that I had for a few weeks) or an CFU no matter how far I escalate.

While I know I shouldn't have PC'd so many times (discovered r/churning during xmas break after the first 2 PC's)…this surprise change from a CF (no AF) to a CSP preferred (AF $95) irked me because I never gave them authorization for a new product. It happened 4 days after she tried to do an "advanced product change". No apologies or explanations even after multiple inquires. Have lots of other accounts with Chase (personal and biz) so quite miffed at their "service"

I'd close the CC account...but it's my oldest CC account so I need to keep it. However, I can't pick up the CSP or CSR bonus...even after 8 years of not having one.

  1. Any idea how long I'll need to wait to PC this card again?
  2. Has anyone have bad PC stories with Chase secure message center or other banks?
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