Patton Oswalt got into a Twitter war with a Trump supporter — then helped pay his medical bills

If someone isn't a minority or never has dealt with discrimination they don't understand how dehumanizing it is to explain your humanity to someone and it either get's ignored or they consider, as you said, you to be one the good ones while still holding racial prejudice.

Another annoying thing that people do is assume that minorities don't try to have conversations with those with prejudice to change their minds and usually it goes nowhere. We've done it time and time again, and continue to do so despite the futility sometimes.

If someone wants to take the lead and help trump voters or whatever, they have that right. What people need to stop doing is thinking that people who disagree or have a certain view just haven't had enough people be nice to them.

The person responding to you telling you that you're cynical and that you need to be the change is out of line.

I feel bad for anyone navigating our broken healthcare system and maybe this person will pay it forward. But people need to stop calling others jaded just because they won't tolerate disrespect.

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