Game of the Week, Redux: The Resistance

This is one of our group favorites. We don't play it quite as often its sister Coup, but it still gets brought out at least every other week, especially since getting the expansions from Kickstarter.

We used to play The Resistance: Avalon a lot more than the original. The roles were better than the Plot cards from the original, which we always would forget to do every turn, and I felt like they could have added to the game in theory, we just never remembered them or used them well. We often ended up leaving them out anyway when playing the original Resistance, so we played Avalon more.

Our group also has an unhealthy obsession with Merlin from the amount we played Avalon. So when the expansions were announced, especially the fact that they added Merlin to the original, so we could play the Avalon mechanics with a much better theme, we were all excited.

The expansions Hostile Intent and Hidden Agenda have been very good so far. I don't think I have played every piece of them so far, but every part has added to the game in some way. For a game that gets played a lot on a lot of tables and can get stale after a while, a large number of mix and match roles and rules really helped.

Some of our group favorites from the expansions were, the Avalon roles of course, the Reversers, who can play a success or reverse card on missions, which changes the entire outcome of the mission, and the Sargent token, which allows a player on the current mission to force another player to switch what they play. One of the expansions has a whole set of roles that work together with Chiefs and Hunters, where each side needs to assassinate the other side's captain to win. That module really only works well with 7 or more, and we only got to play it once with 5; so I am holding out on that one.

I know that this thread is about the base game, not the expansion, but I feel like most people are familiar with the base game, and I think the expansions really add a lot to the game.

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