41% of Sovereignty Null-Sec Systems Now Have a Station or Outpost

Then there is really no value in destroying the station there is very little chance that you are actually doing any damage to the previous alliance since they most likely did not put down the station.

In addition something like that would just be an infestation of grifers it would be equivalent of not being able to get your assets out it would also mean you could not sell it.

While current system allows you to firesale them on contracts to new locals etc or just as well join the locals the new system means your items are absolutely locked and most likely for years with little chance to get them back.

Say this happens and you come back to the game late and now your alliance is 7 regions away with no intentions to take back this space ? Only thing you can do is get into the local alliance and get your stuff out but what if there is a barrier say you can't get in language barrier or your corp history barrier or they just aren't recruiting especially since they saw you were in alliance of previous owners and most likely are trying to get your things out.

Now if you had any mass of items say like I had 29b stuck for almost whole year during halloween war you would need to bring 6-7 JF or do 6-7 runs to get it all out which is most likely not a possibility.

Then there's fitted ships which means you now have to risk your carrier or JF with no support to get your items out and that's just the start with all the fatigue change, capitals being super easy to scan down and JF not even being able to cloak good luck brining any of your assets out to NPC space.

You can pretty much say goodbye to those assets forever unless your are part of the holding alliance.

Seriously the while your idea does seem sort of OK it's really not even close to a solution. Any so far out of 11 solutions I read none of them really work and pretty much all seem to require pretty big effort on CCP's part where the only benefit is that you get to destroy the station.

Outposts are good were they are at the moment.

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