Gathering Storm Bug Report Megathread

Type of Bug: In-game bug New to this XP/Patch: Unknown Game Type: singleplayer Playing with DLCs: Australia, Gathering Storm Playing with Mods: No Description: World Congress resolution votes cannot be submitted. The next button is greyed out even after using up all diplomatic favors. Video / Screenshot: None, unfortunately Reproduction rate: Low, uncertain as to conditions. I was 2 points from winning a diplomatic victory and intended to vote for myself using substantial favors. I had nuked a civ several turns prior to help an ally. I reloaded a save 3 autosaves back and was able to submit my votes, however one of the resolution had changed. Wished I had taken a screenshot because maybe it was that particular resolution that was the problem. Steps to reproduce: Uncertain. Can say I was leading in all victory conditions executive except Religious, and the resolution to revoke my diplomatic point was raised in both saves, and eventually passed. System specs: i5-4960k | GTX 1080 8GB | 8GB DDR3 RAM

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