Getting an gf is easier than y'all think

If the advice is actually thoughtful, insightful, and shows understanding of how many factors are involved in finding love then people will welcome it.

But if it’s, lazy, oversimplified garbage that has no basis in reality then no shit no one will respond well. And was that pile of shit you posted supposed to be “positive”. Because you’re clearly trying to bring this subs users down more than anyone else - calling them “basement dwellers” and flat out insulting them.

Lol did you really just imply you’re more “intelligent” than people here. Get the fuck over yourself. The reason you’re here is purely for an easy ego boost by kicking them while they’re down. You’re not interested in offering positivity or actual advice. You just want to be a fucking asshole and feel superior. Do everyone here a favor and fuck off. You’re being more negative and spiteful than anyone here. You have no idea what hard work they have it into their looks or life.

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