Got fired before tax deadline from a local firm - completely blindsided

I’m a first year and not naive enough to think I’ve gotten anything 100% correct. I know my work is mostly good. I don’t get too many review notes, and most of what I do get is minor. Not to say I’ve never let something slip through the cracks.

That being said, if I’m not confident on how to treat something, I ask in the moment instead of ignoring and routing up.

Also until the past month, I didn’t do many 1040s. I do mostly 1065s and 1120(s)s. Then maybe the partners/owners that stem from those entities.

I dont think 100% correct is something I could reasonable achieve at this point in my career. Not to say I don’t aim for it, but the likelihood that it goes through 2 more hands and nothing changes is real slim.

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