Got into Dental School but Instead of Being Happy it Gave Me a Quarter Life Crisis

I’d still like to know where the easy $200K contracts are. You offered $150K in Texas as a minimum... that’s still not an easy $200K contract. BYou eat what you kill in dentistry. Some dentists just don’t produce a lot for various reasons. The last doc who worked in my office produced $30-$35K/month. He was making $100K/year and was way over paid. He was absolutely horrific with patients.

Also, $150K very well may be what you make. Depending on what % you’re at, you will need to do $40-$50K per month starting in your very first month. Some can do that. Many cant and end up having to repay what they took from their draw before they bonus. The likelihood of hitting $200K in year one in an associate/corporate office isn’t very high. Doable sure. But not probable.

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