Great point my podcast bois brought up regarding this year's draft class:

What is with all the talk about replacing Rivers on this sub? May it has to do with new fans from LA, idk.....The Romo and Dak situation is really different that the Chargers situation.

Romo was going to be the starter last year before he got hurt. He was really injury prone before last season too which is why the Cowboys got Dak in the third round.

Also keep in mind that Dak playing that well was very lucky for the Cowboys. Rookie QBs, let alone third round QBs, don't normally play that well. Good QBs don't grow on trees like this sub thinks. Stick with a very good QB in Rivers until you absolutely can't any more. Also would like to point out that Rivers hasn't missed a game in his career unlike Romo. Makes no sense to draft a QB in the top few rounds in the next two to three season.

I'm a firm believer that Rivers will play out his contract. That guys the Chargers plenty of time to address the QB issues, but the time to address it is still at least two years away.

Why fix something that isn't broken?

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