Guy doesn't know how to take a hint.

Wow, what a gentleman. Seriously, if you are a guy looking for a hook up, don't ask if the girl ever blew a dude. Just say "hey, i'm looking for some action and i think you're attractive. wanna hook up some time?" If she says no, stop talking to her. You have made your intentions clear and by her saying no, she no longer wants anything to do with you. If she says yes, right on. And if she says no but that she's ok with still talking/hanging out with you, she's somewhat interested/flattered. It means you are not a total creep because if she thought you were a total creep she would ignore/block you like the girl in this message conversation did.

Don't be a creep and ask her about her sexual history. As a hookup, you are not entitled to that information. You are both barely blips on each other's timelines and the less personal info exchanged, the better.

But don't expect to still be cool with anyone after asking to hook up with them. You put everything you had with them on the line by asking. If you are going to ask someone to hook up with you, expect a no and don't be clingy when they say no and swiftly start removing you from their life.

Same can be applied to the dangerous friendzone. BONUS: How to know when someone wants to kiss you. If they are looking at your lips, that is indication #1. If they look up at your eyes, they are checking to see if you are looking at their lips too. That is indication #2. You may want to look at their lips and back at their eyes to indicate that you two are on the same page. If they keep going back and forth between your eyes and lips, that is indication #3 and you may proceed to plant one on them.

That is a great tip for those who are in the friend zone. Watching the eye movement during close contact such as hugs or even just standing/sitting close together is a great way to gauge the person's feelings. If they don't look at your lips and back at your eyes after you initiated eye-to-lip contact, they may not be interested but try a few more times on different occasions to be sure. Much less awkward than asking flat out and risking everything your friendship has meant.

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