If Civ was High School, what would the leaders be like?

Ahmad al-Mansur: Young Entrepreneur <Enter> <Enter> Alex: Football star who the middle-schoolers love but everyone else hates <Enter> <Enter> Ashurbanipal: Bully who steals the nerds' homework <Enter> <Enter> Asika: Goth kid who's actually pretty nice if you get to know him <Enter> <Enter> Attila: Guy who likes to destroy everyone else's homework for shiggles <Enter> <Enter> Augustus: Straight A student who only works really hard on one class <Enter> <Enter> Bismark: Bully with a posse of future dropouts <Enter> <Enter> Napoleon: Theater kid who is a complete and total tool <Enter> <Enter> Boudica: "Tough girl" who get's in a lot of fights but pretty much always loses <Enter> <Enter> Casmir: Popular kid who is surprisingly cultured <Enter> <Enter> Catherine: Hard-working pretty girl everyone wants to take to prom <Enter> <Enter> Enrico: Rich Kid, throws tons of parties <Enter> <Enter> Darius: Alex's rival, is still mad he didn't beat Alex in the QB competition <Enter> <Enter> Dido: Back-stabs the few friends she has but everyone is jealous of her family's yacht.<Enter> <Enter> Elizabeth: That annoying girl who hates you yet always asks to borrow a pencil <Enter> <Enter> Gajah: Social fat kid who's in 3 distinct social groups <Enter> <Enter> Gahndi: Skinny kid who has a black belt in three marshal arts, seriously don't mess with him he doesn't want to fight but will mess you up <Enter> <Enter> Genghis: Bullies middle-schoolers and everyone hates him for it. <Enter> <Enter> Gustav: Does really nice things for the middle-schoolers, kinda like a nice big brother, everyone wants to be his friend <Enter> <Enter> Harald Bluetooth: Skier, but really sucks at school <Enter> <Enter> Harun: Rich kid of an oil CEO <Enter> <Enter> Hiawatha: Mentally handicapped kid who has a freak out if he doesn't have three desks (sorry in advance if this is insensitive, being realistic, not funny) <Enter> <Enter> Kamehameha: Navy brat who just moved from Hawaii, loves the island culture <Enter> <Enter> Maria I: Seems to get gifts from younger kids, even those that don't like her <Enter> <Enter> Maria Theresa: Fat girl, thinks she's awesome but everyone hates her <Enter> <Enter> Monty: Possible Satanist, may be in to human sacrifices <Enter> <Enter> Nebuchadnezzar: Nerd, should probably be in college <Enter> <Enter> Oda: Basketball player who plays well, even though he's constantly injured, likes to fish <Enter> <Enter> Pacal: Mostly keeps to himself, uses a weird system to keep time, but it's not the end of the world <Enter> <Enter> Pachacuti: Cross-country all-star <Enter> <Enter> Pedro: Throws awesome parties, goes on a lot of vacations <Enter> <Enter> Pocatello: Takes up multiple parking spaces in the parking lot, every time <Enter> <Enter> Ramesses: Makes a lot of really neat and unique inventions <Enter> <Enter> Ramkhamhaeng: Foreign exchange student, total tool, makes a lot of threats but if he acts on it ends badly for him <Enter> <Enter> Sejong: Nerd, pretty good at defending himself though <Enter> <Enter> Shaka: Bullies everyone he comes in contact with, except his friends who he defends to the death <Enter> <Enter> Suleiman: Kid who's really good at one thing but likes another <Enter> <Enter> Theodora: Really religious and hot foreign exchange student <Enter> <Enter> Washington: New kid who has the nicest things and will buff up his senior year <Enter> <Enter> William: Nice guy, is very willing to share his stuff <Enter> <Enter> Wu Zetian: Solid A-B student, surprisingly good at taking other peoples' stuff

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