Guy’s who did something stupid for a girl, what did you do?

Friends best friend came down to visit from 8 hour drive and even longer bus trip.

She was staying with her friend and this friend lived with her boyfriend. The very first night she was there they got into a massive fight and broke up after we got back from the bar. I said maybe hello and oh cool throughout the entire night. Now she's pretty attractive she turns to me and goes I'm staying with you.

I live with 3 band guys in a house that has not been cleaned in months. I point to the couch when we get to my place and I head upstairs. I'm in the middle of changing and she stumble in and says that it's too dirty downstairs and she insisted on sleeping in my bed. I'm too drunk and tired to argue.

We spent the next couple days together since she has no money and the bus ticket was for a week from she came down for return. She was flirting with me and she had no food. I had to go grocery shopping so I let her get some things on my dime. She expected to hangout with her friend but instead she's with me. she been growing on me and I like her. I offer to take her out for dinner and drinks following night.

I have probably sunk over 175$ in her right now. We go for drinks at the bar and i coat check our stuff. She met an 'old friend from her town' and I saw my friends so I went with them. Last call rolls around and I grab our stuff from checking it. The crowd parts and I just see her full on making out with this guy. I dropped her jacket and left went home.

Mind you she has no idea where I live. The next day in the afternoon she somehow makes it to my place. I said you've over stayed your welcome find a new place to crash.

I went to play video games and she had to get her mom to drive down and pick her up. It was almost 2am when she got there.

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