Why do you guys hate short men so much?

You wouldn’t find happiness in women like you think you would. Nowadays dating is more shallow than its ever been, and chances of finding a genuine, non-toxic relationship is very slim, for everybody pretty much.

You say women judge you for your height, and I already know for certain that this is true. The vast majority of women like tall men, that is an undeniable fact. There are outliers of course, but they do not even come close to close of making the rule. And I have indeed seen many women shame men for not being tall enough. It won’t change. So why beat yourself up about it? Why worry about what value you can bring to others? Who cares about what another person perceives your value to be. You can decide what your value is, and you can decide what meaning you assess to this life. Learn to be alone. I’ve already opted out of dating and finding a relationship, because it’s all smoke and mirrors. An illusion. Once I learned the real truth about the nature of the relationship between man and woman, that it isn’t some romantic fairytale like we were taught, and that you are merely a commodity; a tool in the eyes of woman, whether you can give her pleasure, give her resources, give her attention, entertain her, giver her good genetics etc. It truly opened my eyes. And it has saved me from many years of torment that would have been in store for me had I not learned these truths. I learned what went wrong in my past relationships, why I was treated the way I was, and I came to a full acceptance of it. Learn to be alone. Being alone is actually a very liberating thing, and can be a great gift if you let it. When you are alone, you have time to decipher what it is that you really want from this life, and who you really are. It is peaceful, and you have no obligations to anybody but yourself. True freedom.

I understand your frustration and anger towards these comments as well. They are gaslighting you, telling you it’s your fault, that your “personality” is the problem, and that you are “insecure,” and of coudrse all the obviously fabricated excuses as to why women prefer tall men. You already know all of these things to be false. Understand that it is always the same copy and paste responses you are going to get by asking questions like these, and accept that people are like this. They want to believe that humans aren’t shallow, but more importantly that THEY are not shallow, but they are. We all are deep down. Learn to be alone, friend. Live life for yourself. That’s how it was always supposed to be from the start.

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