Bitcoin falls to fresh 18-month low as crypto meltdown deepens

Reddit's overall take on Crypto seems to be "It's all bad" but it really goes to show you how easily people get invested <heh> in something they themselves aren't interested in, enough to hate on it or take pride in someone else's loss. Something that doesn't really affect them unless it succeeds. So you end up with this group of people hoping something fails and celebrating when it "might" fail because they've decided not to participate or really investigate it beyond the headlines they see <Again, usually negative if Reddit is your main source of information>.

I guess it's just another example of how much people love to hate things these days but this need to constantly make a currency some kind of evil villain is really odd to see in real time. I'm guessing the lack of understand and unwillingness to see nuance plays into this behaviour quite a bit. It's really easy to hate something when you don't bother understanding it. Kinda reminds me of Republicans tbh.

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