Help me get into Steve Vai.

I made this list a while back:

For the Love of God:

Windows to The Soul:

Lotus Feet:

Touching Tongues:

Tender Surrender:

Boston Rain Melody:

Whispering A Prayer:

Warm Regards:

Die to Live:

Dyin' Day:

Sunshine Electric Raindrops:

Weeping China Doll:

Without Me:


K'm Pee Du Wee:

Blue Powder:

Natural Born Boy:


Salamanders in the Sun:

The Murder:

I Know You're Here (at least until the bad singing starts):

Racing The World:


Hand On Heart:

The Boy from Seattle:

Freak Show Excess:

Christmas Time is Here (cover):

La Catedraln (a cover obviously):


Fever Dream:

Fire Garden Suite:

Melissa's Garden:

Brando's Costumes (gentle ways):

a few non-instrumentals (not a fan of the vocals and lyrics, though)

Under it All:

The Story of Light:

The Moon and I (incredible guitar solo):

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