I Just Didn't Know!

Hey Again r/nosleep

Ok, so I'm a little emotional right now, but here it goes. I got to my parents' place today and tried sleeping, but whenever I nearly drifted off, my body would just kind of jerk itself awake. I doubt it was anything supernatural related, but I digress. I did some research on Astaroth, and according to a good number of people that play with it, a gender is defined (female). This thing did not look female, or male to be truthful.

So I'm at my parents' house (more my Mom's house than anything: thank divorce for that), and at this point, I haven't told her anything. My mom was fast asleep when midnight came around, and I was actually thankful for that. My body began to get abnormally hot as if a fire were starting in my intestines that couldn't be put out. I choked and fell on the floor, only to notice the same figure's feet that I'd seen yesterday. Still red in the face, I scooted away from it and back into the wall.

A few seconds passed before I just started crying in the corner. I knew what it was going to ask me. "Have you made a decision yet?" I don't know what got into me, but I felt VERY protective over Blake in that moment and recalled a redditor's suggestion (/u/kyleisscared)that I go straight for Kim Jong-Un. The demon looked at me, laughed after I spouted the name, and then said that it had to be someone I knew and held dear. I started trying to justify my choice, saying any number of things like "But I so enjoyed the work of his father in 'Team America!'" The demon wasn't buying it. At that point I started sobbing more, knowing what I had to do, and that's when something completely unexpected happened. The demon took a seat right next to me, and put its gravely hand over my shoulder.

"I will take proper care of the soul young one. The many who have come with me over the centuries have not had freedom of will and choice in their destination, but their accommodations have been most agreeable." It said in a more relaxed tone. I had a photo book out of Blake, Andy and I when we actually did spent time together, and the demon noticed my eyes glazing over it. "In your heart, you've already chosen. Blake will be fine. He may even be much better off this way."

I wanted to believe the demon, but I knew I was doing something really wrong. When he asked if I was ready to state my decision, I told him that Blake would indeed be the soul he carried off to the underworld with him. The demon then put his hand to my cheek and said "Thank you. I look forward to your next soul you offer tomorrow night." With that, he left, and I knew I had fucked up even more so than yesterday.

Now I'm just not sure what to do. As far as I know, Blake is already gone. There's nothing further I can do. I still don't know what I'm going to do for tomorrow night, but I have to think of something. Does anyone know of any way to get rid of something like this?

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