Help! My dad said he won't help me if I don't get into neuroscience

My arguments had nothing and still have nothing to do with race. I am not going to look something up that I know first hand. Of course I know this has nothing to do with race, that is why I said it. But leave it you to come up to me and tell me to look something up that I lived through first hand.

So what if his parents are asian?

That's my point, and you're all playing into these stereotypes, dogma as a result of other peoples thinking, and "textbook" knowledge. My cousin's (Stereotypical Minority) household was exactly as the OP...she hated bio sciences and pursued design, and is now a successful creative at an advertising firm in NYC. You're never going to live, gain self-actualization, or be happy. It's not about collective Asian societies, it's about spending the next 8 years of your life (with high uncertainty) doing something you have no passion or energy for. You are in CMMB right? I have family as Grad students here and in other instituitions, none of them are doing it to please anyone else. They're not at the foothills medical labs at 11PM on holidays and sundays testing cell growth to please anyone. They definitely have the passion and the fire though.

Oh and P.S., I looked at your post history. Man I gotta hand it to you, another typical white male telling minorities what sort of life they all live. If anyone is ignorant, it is YOU.

Here is some straight logic for you.

This is what your proposition is: If they are asian, then they have a collective family. Lets see if the negation exists: They are asian and not a collective family. WHOA lets try and comprehend that for a second. You really think because of a country of origin or race, one's societal attributes are set in stone? You think we all just fit into your sociology textbook definitions that you just throw around aimlessly??

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