Herpes or fungil infection

I'm usually one to go to bat for sex workers but this was really stupid and I just want you to understand the full weight of your careless choice in this situation, sex workers may be tested in the sex district but not every every single customer and not for skin viruses. So while you may come up clean in your blood work over the next six months it doesn't mean you walked away from the experience without an sti. While it's true you can catch skin viruses through protected sex your risk is reduced nonetheless, especially if you don't shave ahead of time or have any breaks in the skin that absorb the other persons bodily fluids. But you had fully unprotected sex with not just a stranger who is a risk all on their own with sometimes less frequent testing but a sex worker, and if that sex worker did it with you than you can believe she offers it to other clients who are strangers to her and you.

Do not have sex with anyone without a condom but especially not a sex worker willing to roll the dice on her health like that because you have opened yourself up to every partner she's ever had now. She's also opened herself up to yours and I'm even more concerned that there doesn't seem to have been even the smallest, though useless in many ways, effort to even show recent sti screening on either side.

I hope you don't do this again.

Get tested for the common sti's in 3 weeks, chlamydia gonorrhea, syphilis. Get tested at 3 and six months for HIV and if you did anal Hep C, and also keep your eyes open for skin viruses to treat immediately.

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