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White trans people face oppression for being trans but not for being white. It’s harder for a BIPOC trans person based on the intersectional oppression of queerness and non-whiteness. This has nothing to do with the characters in the shows but the language used in the community and how it affects trans people in that community. The transphobic usage of trp is rooted in 4chan users attacking trans women. There is a community of cis people who cross-dress who like to be called trp but they have to understand that they as cis people can code switch to fit in with straight society without compromising on trans ness whereas trans people suffer from having to compromise and not being able to present themselves as the feel. Honestly this situation is being blown out of proportion and I really don’t give a shit, it just bothers me how ignorant and uneducated people are on trans issues and terminology and conflate any pro-trans issue as “le social justice.” Mod’s obviously can’t do much to solve the systematic existence of transphobia but I think we can all agree that banning all people that use tr*p is extreme. Curing transphobia involves educating transphobes.

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