Hopes new video…. Im sure she hasn’t mentioned fibromyalgia before??

Oh sweetie pie you're just talking made up crap.

  1. Any doctor who looked at you as you claimed failure to thrive would laugh. Look at yourself, you're thriving just fine.

  2. I'll try to make this not bloggy but this is just insulting. I mean really, fucking insulting. I have no bowel, a permanent stoma, I have had feeding tubes of all sorts for years, I've not eaten anything for i don't know how long as I am formula fed. And I have a REALLY good life. No it's not amazing having all that but I have a job that I love, I have children... And then to see this vile person fake so much, openly admit she has no diagnosis even for GP and then go as far as to say that she is going to end her life over it. It's HORRIBLE, absolutely horrible. I feel like she's telling me my life isn't worth living and I do genuinely have all of these things and more but... I'm proud of how far I've come despite it. So to see her fake this and assume that in faking it that its such that she wants to die. It's awful to read.

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