Horrific News: Hospitalisation rate in Italy is 58% with 8% in intensive care. Far above WHO estimates of 20% in China. Official gov data - link in comments

Man, I know this is the popular sentiment and I can't post enough that it's just not really true. Cases are popping up all around the country and they are mainly focusing on the religious sect to try to put blame on them and spin it that way. A good majority of the tests have been on the Shincheonji and they've rigorously followed and tracked possible contact and tested them. They are not doing as great a job in testing the general public - there's news about full zumba classes of 100 people being infected, people who feel sick but don't want to get tested, and it's spreading outside the main city of Daegu to more populous regions like Seoul. The death rate is tied heavily to the impact on the hospital system as shown in Italy and Wuhan. There's still a lot to be done in Korea to keep this down and hopefully they take the right next steps to monitor and address the situation.

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