How are you guys spending your quarantine time?

I’m working from home, but in a limited capacity. A lot of my job depends on talking to people and phone calls / video meetings just aren’t the same.

Drinking a lot. I had a good period of sobriety before this, wasn’t with an eye to quitting forever but there is no way I could keep it up facing this situation. I live alone and while I’m shy and like alone time it’s getting pretty hard. I’m seeing friends in the backyard at 15-20 foot distance every few days. That’s good I guess.

Working on some car projects. Cleaned all my guns. Reading the news way too much.

I hope it doesn’t have to last a whole year. I’m financially stable with no dependents and have a good support system and I’m feeling pretty sad. I can’t imagine how parents out of work must be feeling. I legit just feel bad for society right now.

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