Who is for you the most influent Lebanese politician of the last decade?

The old Left wing /right wing dichtomy in Leb doesn’t apply anymore

LF/Kataeb was right wing

They were part of the Lebanese Front

The left-wing opposition was the Lebanese National Movement AKA all the socialist communist parties

Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party Lebanese Communist Party Baathists “Progressive” “Socialist” Party (jumblayys) etc.


When Hezbollah wanted to gain power they started killing off communists from shi’a background to consolidate their power

Check out Mehdi Amel:


Hezbollah and Amal are as progressive as ISIS

The old dichotomy doesn’t apply anymore.

Not it’s Pro-Iranian/Syrian VS Pro-Western and on the liberal scale one of them forces all women to be veil themselves like letterboxes and the others are democracies.

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