How to deal with Tusk core?

I'm spamming Tusk 2/3 now it feels incredibly strong and hard to counter

Typical save items like Glimmer Ghost Uels help but he can often burst you in 1 blink punch so you really just need to position defensively with your team so he can't feed on you. Deadass buying 2 fluffy hats to survive burst from heroes like Tusk/Tiny can be a decent solution lol

He is a tempo hero not amazing late game but tbh a skilled Tusk can just outplay and own games, late game he's like a Puck maybe you don't die in 1 combo but he will cast all 4 spells again in like 10 seconds with Octarine + other CDR. So uhh yeah good luck maybe just pick Tusk instead while it's this strong and fun haha

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