Is it normal to have "ranked anxiety"?

Yes it’s normal. However it’s illogical. Losing games isn’t relevant, winning games isn’t irrelevant. What’s relevant is that you can identify why you won or why you lost and how you can either improve on reasons why you lost, and replicate why you won. Once I realised this my anxiety over ranked games stopped. You could lose 500 mmr in a few days and gain 500 mmr in a few days. Does this mean you just suddenly gotten so much worse as a play ? No, there are many factors. You could lose mmr over the course of a week and end up a better player at the end of it. Getting caught up on win/loss ratio is just slowing you down from improving.

The amount of times I’ve gone on huge win streaks, checked the replays and realised ... damn I played absolute dogshit half these games and got hard carried. Shift your focus away from w/l and your enjoyment for the game will shoot up

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