How/why did you get into Warriors?

Like two years ago at quarantine I discovered an online game like animal jam, at first there is only 2 skins a cat (also mascot of the game) and a dog you can you can play tag or dodgeball with other players to level up and earn coins and diamonds to buy other skins. You can play as a guest or use ur e mail to create a real account that you can chance your name. Guests can't speak or join clowders (means a group of cats) You must be logged in to create ur own clowder. And I was obsessed with that game. There were lots of clowders and a leaderboard that resets every week. If your clowder is in top 10 you get chests and coins. And one of the all time top clowder was named Skyclan. They requested 1-500 (when I joined it's was around 1000) gaming rank. So I played that game for hours to reach the rank they wanted and asked them can I join and they actually. Leader of that clowder was an awesome person and I'm glad we are friends. Later he told me about the series and where does clowder their name came from (their username was also a warrior cat name) about 9 months later I became a co owner there, he also said when he went to holiday he might give leadership to me but it didn't happen because I was also going to holiday. I later made searchs about real Skyclan and watched lots of animations about book. I told my parents if they can get that book and they accepted. Then I get the first serie as a graduation gift

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