How To: Force Refund Your Money Back From Divisiom

How am I a prick because I show people how to get a refund on something they no longer want and ALSO has not been released yet? There is literally nothing morally or legally incorrect about any of this.

So you're telling me if you walk into a store and buy something months in advance and change my mind before I receive it, that's morally and legally wrong? And because It effects THIER lives, salaries and families, I should just give up MY hard earned money that effected my livelihood, family etc to earn?

You're basically suggesting that we all just donate our money to Unisoft? Because they have salaries and families?

It's called a business and money is being exchanged for a product. You don't get anything for free and people paid for something in advance and many of them are now very disappointed and unhappy. If they want their money back before the expansion is released they should be able to claim it.

Not that it matters but just an example, Blizzard did it for Diablo 3. They allowed anyone unhappy with the game to be able to claim a refund. Even AFTER the game was released. Why? Because they realized how big of a let down the game was and how they did not meet the customers expectations.

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