Account suspensions and rollback for DPS glitch

Not going to lie, I am one of those players who used the glitch because I want to get a good roll on gears and I deserved it, for at least once as the highest difficulty still gives you a purple gear and you rarely get a god roll on CPs and on missions.

To be honest, I had fun with the game using the glitch because of how unbalanced NPCs are (before the Title 8.4 update) on group scaling. You can't do it solo as you get less enemies and less drops.

But I am disappointed how you took action on this, when I found out about the first damage glitch, the shield primary glitch one, it was fixed in few hours. I thought it's over but it isn't, there goes another damage glitch, which took DAYS or should I say almost a WEEK to fix it. Then there goes another one, took 3-4 days to fix, and the last one took about just a day. I knew this because I am checking the main patch note/server status forum every single day.

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