How much settling is acceptable?

Sure thing here goes:

How serious are you about the Lord?
ME: 8/10, otherwise as u/Remarkable-Coyote-44 mentioned above, I'd WANT to stay celibate outside of marriage.
HER: 6/10, but hard to say because she is very reserved
How is your Christian walk from day to day?
ME: 8/10
HER: She would probably say the same about herself
How often do you think about him?
ME: On average once an hour
HER: Maybe several times per day
How much time do you spend pursuing worldly things?
ME: 90% of my time
HER: Maybe 95%
How much time do you spend pursuing godly things?
ME: I guess that leave 10%
HER: 5%
How often do you read your Bible?
We read scripture together nightly
How has Christ changed you since you became a Christian?
ME: I'm less worried, more hopeful and more patient
HER: She's been one since I've known her
Are you confident in your salvation?
ME: 95%
HER: 100% (my estimation)
Have you been baptized?
Yes we both have and we publicly declare our faith whenever we are asked.

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