How do you react when someone calls you a "faggot"?

Nigger, Faggot, cunt, bitch, slut, whore, fat dumb american cunt, dumb British bitch.

Were you even offended by thoughts squiggles my keyboard typed out? If so, why?

Words are used to incite a response and get a reaction. Dumb people in my experience are easily offended by words.

Life is way too short for me to give a fuck about some dumb fucking sounding words. I got what? 80 years of mobility max? 100 at max till I die and at least 30 years of natural beauty. Then I'm gone for eternity. That and the words I was so caught up by (I'm not, just say I am for arguments sake) will not eventually exsist because languages evolve. 500 years ago, look at English, They all sound retarded. languages are in a constant evolution. Living life is so fuckn short, I don't care for the trappings of words or extreme political correctness. All I care is if you're a good person and don't want to harm others physically as well as If you make use of your life to make the world a better place than what you arrived into. But obsessing over harming others with words, that's laughable. Although, I heard ellen and Anderson cooper said people shouldn't say the word faggot.. Sounds anti-Freedom to me. faggot is a good fucking soundin word. :D

I don't care if someone called me a fag, faggot, what have you. Use it in my presence for all I care. As long as you don't treat people as inferior. If you deny service or fire someone for who they are. Then you're a cunt and such things should be protected by law. But words. COME ON!

Ill never request the ban of words. For example, I should hate such words. I've had "Ew your gay?" I laugh at such attempts at people to demean me. These people who say such things usually mean nothing to me. They'll be dead soon too. It hardly matters, at least to me. You may ask, shouldn't I give them facts? Educate them? I don't want to educate them, I don't want to enlighten them, I just want to eat some KFC chicken, get explosive diarrhoea and suck dick. Am I asking for too much in my short little life?


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