I think I need a Break

baseball is a cruel sport, just know in baseball variance is a factor and you can throw all the right pitches and give up hits and square the ball up perfectly and still be out... no matter what in baseball you will never always win and be a victim of variance and sometimes this has a way of happening a few times in a row... I have a decent record at 298-275 and have had a few spells of winning streaks and losing streaks. Also when I get in ruts I tweak my lineup some, change camera angles and sometimes even hit with analog because at times I'll lose confidence and have bad timing and analog helps me get my timing right but it's not as interactive as buttons so you'll wanna change back once you get your timing right. Also sometimes I too have to take breaks for a day or two just to refresh... I do get mentally burnt out myself at times and pretty much forget how to play, it happens... I'll go back and I won't be overthinking and this very well could be the case but try some of the things I mentioned and see if it helps if you ain't done so already.

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