i hate being a male.

Dude we need to destroy social media. They need to get rid of Reddit if they aren’t going to moderate it correctly like we see now. How many people have to be indoctrinated and mentally destroyed before we shut it down? How many shootings have been conducted? How many people have literally died because of social media and this nonsense?

Human beings are too fucking stupid to handle it. We are too dumb and too sensitive and everyone thinks that they are the main character. We can’t have any nice things. Instead of being able to properly teach the history of the earth and power dynamics that exist between groups of people and classes and races and sexes we just CANT. We can’t without white people thinking that they are being attacked, we can’t without men having Andrew Tates pop up to support them through such difficult learning, we have entire political parties crying about history being taught in this country because white kids will think that they are villains! Etc etc

Does this country have fucking parents in it raising children? Do we have actual guidance being given out to our youth or are we giving them a tablet and just letting social media and the bowels of Reddit and tik tok teach or kids how to be?

It’s fucking ABSURD that we can’t teach proper history and actual reality to people without them having psychotic fucking breaks and without them turning to fucking misogynistic influencers and the like to cope. It’s pathetic. It’s insane. It’s fucking crazy to me that you can’t teach that primarily white men had control of society for a long time and that there’s ramifications and residual effects from that without fucking MASS SHOOTINGS, book bans, CRT bans, bounty hunters for fucking women that want abortions and fucking drag queens…..

Like humanity should be embarrassed with how hard white people and men and boys are struggling to cope with being taught history rn

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