My wife just gave birth and I’m obviously not the father

That’s just you interpreting my message in the wrong way. I went through both. While they’re both traumatizing, the depression you go through knowing the truth will soon come out to light (esp. if you really love your partner and he treats you well) is out of this world. There is absolutely nothing that eats you alive more than that. I can’t even imagine going through 9 months of that depression ALONE just to have everything exploded in tears. I couldn’t even last a week. If given any chance to clear your name, I’m so sure everyone would’ve taken the way out. She was hoping it would be his kid, but it’s still not good enough of a reason to go through such a nightmare when it’s not even your fault. AND she would’ve been able to discuss for an abortion to prevent further damage. If she truly loved him enough to carry that depression for 9 months (which is what I believe), the SA accusation would’ve already slipped out. Most people just think affairs are the end of the world when it shouldn’t be that way.

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