I squirted and now he's grossed out

Again, this is bullying behaviour to use hurtful language to demean someone. I can only work on two pieces of info. That I've personally done my best to learn in the past about what squirt is and what scientitific info was available told me it was pee. I'm not quoting my own opinion here. And that intentions do not change outcomes. That is not weirdo behaviour and please stop resorting to hurtful language because whatever I've put forward doesn't support your own opinion. If we result to hurtful language every time we disagree that's how people say mean shit to one another unnecessarily and language falls apart.

But you're right on one thing, i don't know what they've discussed, but it's a hell of a point to assume ops partner was ok with it given how they reacted (which i would definitely consider heavy handed if i personally reacted like that but what I'm not assuming is their partners particular sensitive which is obviously not something they were happy about.)

No. You want to believe that but I'm literally standing right in the middle on this one and that's what bothers people apparently. I have nothing more to add other than my hoping that op and their partner work it out.

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