Dear ex husband

This sounds like one of those toxic relationships that happen when people don't have compatible values/lifestyles, tbh. It's really painful - knowing that you're wrong for each other doesn't make it hurt any less that the person you loved isn't there anymore - but it's for the best. Your post makes it clear that you two have very different ideas about how you'd like to spend your time, and now you both can do what you enjoy.

It's hard for me to imagine this situation as someone who plays video games with and sends porn to my husband if I see something he likes, but that's me. Your feelings are clearly different, and if he wanted to marry you then he should have considered them and reflected on whether or not changing his lifestyle was something he was truly committed to.

That being said, pressuring someone into sex is horrific and unforgivable, if done intentionally, in my mind. So I'm glad you're free of him for that reason.

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