If you enjoy the Chibnall era, what do you like about it? If you dislike the Chibnall era, what don’t you like about it?


The Timeless Child. I understand the criticisms, but here's a slightly more positive take:

What appeals to me most about Doctor Who is that it has no canon. Every story that has ever been written could be told as a Who episode in some form or another. The show is defined by its infinite potential for everybody. But up until now the *infinite storytelling potential* of the Whoniverse has mostly been limited to, well, a linear progression of white men (and that applies to the writers too).

The Timeless Child expands the show's narrative potential on an in-universe level. The Doctor can change gender and race - now anybody can play The Doctor. If there's an unknown number of Doctors, every story doesn't have to be fit into the timeline between Doctors 1-13. Everything is canon. The Morbius Doctors? Curse of the Fatal Death? That fanfiction you wrote over lockdown? It's just as part of the Whoniverse as anything else. TTC gives writers a quick way to fit their stories into the universe - Doctor Who can live for as long as there are fans out there willing to write their stories.

Sure, the actual execution might not have been great, but in a couple of years and a few showrunners later, hopefully that won't be so important. Chibnall's legacy will hopefully be that anyone can play The Doctor and that anyone can write a Doctor Who story, and I think that's kind of beautiful.


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