If you stand when you wipe, you’re a freak

So, over the past few years, I never knew how weird some ppl were. The Poop knife was the first, and I actually read that comment in real time.

Then there was the standing to wipe, which blows my mind, and I’m a dude.

Then there was the post about super homophobic dudes who don’t clean their between their butt cheeks, like at all. Now maybe that was just Reddit lure, but that post had traction. And frankly, I recall thinking that maybe there really are some weirdos out there like that.

Then, and then there was the video of the dude telling his broadcasting or podcasting partner about literally catching “it” as it came out and placing it in the water, all while he’s sitting there. So this dude, for like decades into his life, is catching his shit in his hand with TP, then “placing” lowering it to the water.

Whew!! My parents are alright !! I sit to shit and just let it fall, and I don’t stand up to wipe and I have always washed in between my cheeks in the shower. And if any of THAT is weird to you, then you ....well, you do you ?? I guess ?? Cuz I wanna be inclusive ?? But shit, clearly, what do I know

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