If you were able to magically change one decision in your team's history, which one would you choose?

I would make The 08 Lakers win against Boston so Kobe could have a 3peat without Shaq. That way people wouldn’t be able to hold that shit against him like they do. Kobe said “Imagine if Mike played with Wilt”. The numbers a prime dominant big puts up will always be more gaudy statistically than a dominant guard but it doesn’t mean the guard isn’t equally great just in a different way. I hear so many casuals say “Kobe had Shaq” as if he didn’t win more championships when they split 2>1. But I feel like that would have these casuals not disrespecting the greatness of Kobe so much. Nba legends/Coaches all have Kobe top 5 but analysts and casual fans say he’s barely top 10 smh. It’s ridiculous!

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