AITA for letting my wife have her bank account constantly overdrawn when I am in the black?

Honestly? What's your contribution in this marriage? If you don't understand, let me break it down.

Wife's work:

- looks after children - 24 hour job

- all housework - 24 hour job

- covers a couple major utility bills

- part time nurse job

- looks after dying mother - possibly 24 hour job

- pays for children's presents


- your job (9-6?)

- grocery shopping - not a 24 hour job

- pays the rest of the house bills + mortgage (How long does it take for you to transfer money for them?)

- occassionally cooks dinner - can you count with your fingers the number of times you've done this?

- occassional gifting - same finger counting question

- pays for dinner out on sundays - how many hours does that take?

Other side points:

- Sex trice a year

- You've got time to yourself every saturday and she doesn't

Seriously. Apart from paying bills, what other use do you have? When your contribution is so miniscule, at least do your basic husbandly duty and make her happy in the bedroom. No wonder she wants a divorce.

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