Incel complains about a woman liking orgasms while 99% of their sub is fixated on women and sex

People are often only told how “wonderful” it will be, rather than the truth on how it will seriously change your body and how there will always be some form of risk. If people knew the risks, then maybe they would make the decision more seriously. For example, people who may not be particularly keen on having kids, but thought they’d have one because everyone else has kids and their parents told them to, then maybe if they saw the risks, they would decide not to do it.

My cousin likely had a child because she thought that was what people are supposed to do. And she could not eat for 6 months of her pregnancy. Everything she ate, she would vomit out again. Following that, she had to have a c-section done while she was conscious due to certain complications. I’m pretty sure if she knew this was what was going to happen, she wouldn’t have done it.

The world is not overpopulated. The cities are however.

It is. . I also don’t see the problem with encouraging people who want to kids but don’t want the risk, to adopt instead. There are so many kids in the system. If people genuinely love and want to take care of kids, they should probably consider one who already exists and is in need of help.

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