What is some anime I can get my girlfriend to watch?

As a female who has watched anime since the 5th grade from my experience It really just depends on what she likes.

If she likes action and doesnt mind gore: ‘Akame ga kill, Madoka Magica, Angel beats, Tokyo Ghoul, Norogami, Erased, Death Note’

If she more girly or has a low gore tolerance Try slice of life/romance: ‘Tonikawa ,Tora Dora, Ano hana, Clannad, Maid Sama’ are good ones for both you and her to watch together

Or Magical Girl: ‘Sailor Moon, Tokyo mew mew, Card Capter Sakura’ (though assuming your not into those things those might be something she could watch alone)

when you say cringed out by aot though Im assuming you mean from how weird it might look at first to the adverage non-anime viewer. (Because of the titans and all)

If thats the case animes with more straight foward plots and less weirdness: ‘The girl who leaped through time, A Silent Voice, Stiens gate, Sword Art Online, Plastic Memories, Naruto, Tora Dora.’

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