Dexcom questions

Ok so here's my shit with the Dexcom

I've had one for probably 2 years. I got it and linked it up, and at that point I was like wow...fuck this is I've had it for a couple years now, it broke about a month ago (I was in bed and the charger snapped in the actual device, etc. So anyways, I had to basically get in touch with my insurance and providers and shit and get a new one which literally took a month for it to be approved by insurance, shipped, etc. In that month I found out how heavily I relied on the device, it literally is fucking awesome. I've never had a pump and tbh think that device is dumb as shit. I've been on pens for 10+ years, and I really didn't want a CGM but my endo was really pushing for it, and I'm glad she did.

Yes you have to been a few feet away from it, sometimes it falls out of my pocket in the car, or in bed, etc and I lose that range, at one point it fell out my shirt pocket into the trash when I was throwing away shit, but the device is durable, it's pretty reliable and it's really awesome.

I've literally never had an issue, obviously it isnt going to be as accurate as actually checking your BG, but it helps if youre like me when you've gotten to that point where you can't feel lows or highs.

It comes with some dumbass software where you can look at your numbers and trends but I could care less, I can see it all on my device. There is literally no discomfort when you sleep. I used to keep the sensor on my stomach but no I just keep it on the side of my ass cheek, every week or two weeks when I change the sensor I move it from left to right cheek and I obviously sleep on my sides and I've never had an issue. There's this shit called "tak-on" or something like that, you can apply it to your skin or to the adhesive on the sensor and it keeps it pretty stuck in place until you need to remove it, so you don't need to worry about it falling off or some shit.

Hope it helps. Get one!

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